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UK KFC Invites Customers to a Romantic, Tableside Valentine’s Day Dinner

UK KFC Invites Customers to a Romantic, Tableside Valentine’s Day Dinner

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Meal is complete with linen napkins, flowers, and a soft drink sommelier

U.K. KFC has plans to roll out table service nationwide, pending results from this test.

For those still stuck on their Valentine’s Day plans that have waited too long to make a reservation or want to avoid the overpriced, overly hyped fancy restaurant scene altogether, KFC has your back, at least for U.K. According to Metro UK, the chain is trialing a date night table service this Valentine’s Day, with plans of rolling it out nationwide next year.

The service includes linen napkins, flowers, a silver candelabra, table service, and a soft drink sommelier who will recommend the perfect soft drink for your meal. The trial will take place at KFC’s most romantic U.K. restaurant, the Fishergate branch in Preston, Lancashire. Bob and Pat Fogg, who have been married over 50 years, met over a bucket of KFC chicken in 1965 and have dined at the restaurant for a weekly date night every week since.

New research suggests that 38 percent of couples in the U.K. prefer a low-key dinner. Additionally, people spend an average of £13 (~$19 US) on their significant other on Valentine’s Day, according to Mirror UK.

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