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Wake Up and Smell the Chai: What the World Drinks to Begin the Day

Wake Up and Smell the Chai: What the World Drinks to Begin the Day

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Ah, breakfast. Recent studies have questioned its position as the day’s most important meal; it might even be a good idea to skip if you’re on a diet. Regardless of whether you practice morning eating, however, we can all agree on one a.m. Here are 10 breakfast beverages people around the world use to kick-start their days.

Wake Up and Smell the Chai: Morning Drinks the World Sips to Start Their Day (Slideshow)

Coffee and tea consumption is globally on the rise. Juice bars are sprouting up in cities worldwide. Smoothies have become synonymous with healthy breakfasts, and Vitamixes have become essential fixtures in our kitchens.

Inspired by our affection for international eats, we set out to see how the world wakes up. We kicked off our search by revisiting our piece about coffee consumption around the world. Since not everyone joneses for java, we extended our hunt to the second most popular breakfast beverage: tea. It was a must to include trendy juice. Then, we looked into chocolate, a beloved drink for kids (and adults) the world over.

Our diverse line-up spans the globe, with drinks from South America, North Africa, even the tiny Caribbean island of Saint Lucia.

So tomorrow morning, why not sip something different?

Atole (Mexico)

South of the border, at least some Mexicans sip atole, a comforting combo of cornmeal, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon. This porridge-like drink is most popular as a winter warmer or on Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations. Around the holidays, kids of all ages enhance their atole with chocolate to make luscious champurrado.

Avena (Colombia)

Drink up your whole grains with a glass of avena. This warm breakfast smoothie blends oats (avena in Spanish), milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar. Depending on your preference, the oats are either strained, blended, or left in the bottom of the glass. Avena can also be found in Nicaragua and other Latin American countries.


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