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15 Knockout Wedding Cakes from Around the World

15 Knockout Wedding Cakes from Around the World

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We’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful, as well as the most delicious, wedding cakes from around the world

Check out these time-honored wedding cake traditions.

Though the stress of planning a wedding might be universal, the traditions that come along with it are not. In many countries, brides and their soon-to-be mother-in-laws may still argue, couples can still spend months planning the event, and arrangements can backfire at the last minute. No matter how common some wedding experiences may be though, many people ultimately celebrate by reenacting their culture's particular tradition.

Check out our slideshow of 15 Knockout Wedding Cakes from Around the World!

These differences carry over into traditional foods at certain international weddings, and especially the wedding cake (or at least a food that serves a similar purpose). While many might think that the bride is the main attraction at a wedding, we believe the cake can be just as important!

Some countries in Europe have warmed up to the idea of American wedding cakes, complete with stereotypical bride and groom figurines, but there are still many places that hold fast to their classic traditions. In Britain, for example, newlyweds dine on a fruitcake, while in France, the newlyweds feast on a croquembouche, which is not so much of a cake as it is a decadent tower of cream puffs.

No matter your preference or your own tradition, these sweet treats are a great way to see how others celebrate a happy union. Check out the slideshow to see more!

In India, weddings are surrounded by rituals and ceremonies.

As part of the pre-wedding ceremonies, there is an Engagement Ceremony where the bride and groom exchange rings and the families exchange gifts and sweets. The Mehendi Ceremony is usually held at the bride's home before the wedding ceremony and is the celebration when the bride's palms, wrists, arms, legs, and feet are decorated.

On the big day, the bride and groom put flower garlands around each other's necks in the Var Mala Ceremony to show the bride has accepted the groom as her husband.

Sunday 20th January Firstly, let me thank all the future brides and grooms and their families who managed to plough their way through the driving snow to get to the Fair, I applaud your dedication! What a great day it was. I met lots of lovely people, fab suppliers.

We’re extremely excited to announce that we shall be exhibiting at The Lawn in Rochford, Essex on Sunday 20th January 2013. Apart from The Lawn being one of the most sought after wedding venues in Essex, those of you in the know will also appreciate the beautiful.


Frances King, an ACD reader from Bridgetown, Barbados, enjoyed last week's "Tidbits" e-note, but wanted to let us know the link featuring "wedding cakes around the world" had several details she felt were off regarding her regional specialty, the black cake.

Here's what she had to say: "A combination of fruit, usually raisins, prunes, currants and mixed peel (a cousin of citron) are soaked indefinitely. Typically 6 months is a good minimum average for soaking but I have made cake with 15 year old fruit and it rocked! My own cake soaked about 4 years and I had friends turn up months later hoping I still had some left! Due to the heavy colour and alcohol content, the cake is covered in marzipan or other almond paste. The cake is never covered in buttercream of any description, but traditionally royal icing is used and also fondant in the past 25/27years. Also, it is very unusual to see holly anywhere in the West Indies! Florist may bring it in around Christmas to use in their more expensive arrangements but I have never seen it on a cake, either in Barbados or other islands. Poinsettia which is grown in our gardens is a far more likely option for a Christmas wedding. A “1 lb cake” can weigh 10 lbs without marzipan and icing so you can imagine the weight of a 3 tier cake when iced!"

Here is the link for "wedding cakes around the world" in case you missed it.


I make this every year for Canada Day as it works perfectly for both countries. Love this cake, double it and make it a sheet cake to feed a crowd. It is delicious.

Absolutely loved this cake. Followed instructions to a T. Came out perfectly delicious and beautiful.

Delicious cake that got raves at my party. However, I agree with the other comments about its excessive oiliness and the crumbliness that made it difficult to move the layers. If I made it again, Iɽ play around with reducing the oil in the red velvet layers. The white lemon layer was especially good. Iɽ consider making the cake with three white layers instead.

I'm not even a red velvet fan, but I loved this, and so did everyone else at my party. Followed the directions completely: moist cake, nice flavor, great icing, all made beautiful with berries on top!

Having never baked a cake in my life, I'll admit that at times while making this I was thinking oh no, what have I gotten myself into. I followed the instructions to a T though and it turned out absolutely perfect. The velvet layers were not as red as the photo, but they still looked and tasted great. The white layer with the lemon was one of the best cakes I've ever tasted. Excellent and perfect instructions.

And I forgot to mention that I left out the lemon. As much as I love lemon, it didn't seem right with the cocoa powder.

What a hit!! For a July 4th party, I only used strawberries and blueberries, and placed them geometrically around the cake (tart style). I did use almond extract instead of vanilla in the center layer. Also, I combined some of the frosting with blueberry jam so that there would be a purple-blue stripe in the middle of the cake. If you do this, don't over-frost the edges. Otherwise, the bluish frosting will mix disgustingly with the white frosting and cause a smurf fiasco!!

I made this for a July 4th party and it was quite pretty. It's definitely a show-stopper. I agree with the other reviewer who called it a calorie bomb. Certainly the cakes tasted delicious (I tried a few bites of the trimmings), but knowing just how much fat was in them, I couldn't bring myself to have a piece. Based on other reviewers' comments I decided to try the cream cheese marscapone frosting from the red velvet cupcake recipe instead of the frosting called for in the recipe. Again, the frosting was delicious, but incredibly rich. Also, the cupcake frosting recipe recommended by another reviewer was really not enough for this cake. Even after skimping on the frosting between the layers I didn't have enough to cover the outside of the cake with a thick layer. It was OK, but I could have used another 1/2 cup to 1 cup of frosting.

I usually complain about red velvet cake (it's ALWAYS dry), but this recipe impressed me! It is the best red velvet cake I've made to date. I followed others' suggestion and used the mascarpone frosting recipe from the Pastry Queen Christmas red velvet cupcakes. Beautiful presentation for 4th of July!

This cake is an absolute winner. It has become my go to cake for feeding a large group. It is delicious and gorgeous,

Sorry, i meant to give 4 forks!

This cake is wonderful. It is beautiful to behold, and sumptuous to taste. The almond layer in the center is so delicious. I did make a different cream cheese frosting using one that had mascarpone in it. It was perfect. I will make it every year for a star spangled finish to dinner.

After seeing the picture, I decided to make the cake. I took it to my neighbor's 4th of July picnic in 2011, and 2012. They started asking for the cake on Memorial Day and I will make it again. The icing was just right and the berries looked just gorgeous atop the cake.

The red velvet portion of this cake was a real disappointment. This is the oiliest cake, very unappealing. Yes, it was light and tender, but just couldn't get past how oily my fingers were when I touched it, or the residual in the pan. The ration of 1 c oil plus 1/2 cup butter AND sour cream (vs buttermilk most recipes use) to only 2.5 cups SIFTED CAKE flour. As I learned in pastry school, if it doesn't mesh with your intuition and what your training has taught you, it probably is for a reason. lesson learned. I might try tweaking the recipe, not sure.

This cake looks really good, i found similar cake at this site:

This cake was spectacular! Being Canadian I omitted the blueberries and piled on strawberries and raspberries to make for Canada day. The cake is light and fluffy - almost a box cake texture - the icing soft and sweet but not too sweet. This may become a Canada day tradition at our house - DELISH!

Fantastic recipe..BUT AND I CAUTION. cut the rounded side of each layer so they are flat on both sides..It's a big cake and the third layer split on me.. so make em flat. I did not find the lemon to compete w/ the choc. layers at all.. but next time I will try almond extract for the white layer. it's worth the time.. and makes a wonderful statement!

points to this one for coming out almost exactly like the picture! very satisfying presentation. my platter was bigger than my cake and had a lip on it, so i piled the extra berries around the base of the cake, which looked great. the only thing that made this less than perfect for me was that even having added some extra red food coloring, my red layers came out reddish brown, not as pictured. i'll do 2 bottles in the future. other than the extra food coloring, i made this exactly according to directions. the cake recipes were excellent. i think because of the sour cream and oil, they had a nice texture - dense, held together well, even though i was concerned i might have overbaked the red velvet. (i wonder if those who note the cake tended to fall apart might have done better leaving it in the oven a couple minutes longer.) the assembly worked beautifully. i found that though the icing was quite soft, after i had chilled the crumb-coated cake well, the second layer of frosting stuck to the colder part quite easily. as for the recipe making tons of extra icing - i measured out a cup each for in between the two layers, and while there was perhaps 3/4 cup left over after i felt the cake was covered. i took it as a sign from the Cake Gods to pile it on thicker. in the end, when we cut the cake, it seemed just right to me. and as for the review saying this is a "caloric bomb". if you can't enjoy a big beautiful slice of real, non-diet cake on America's birthday, when can ya? just make it a modest slice, and pile lots of those berries on your plate. they are very high in fiber and antioxidants. ^>

This is by far the best cake of its' kind that I have ever made. It was nice and moist and the flavors were out of this world! I didn't make any alterations to the recipe at all. My friends were super impressed. I'm sure yours will be too! :)

I wanted something that would "pop" for July 4. Everyone loves Red Velvet so what better was there to make? A beautiful presentation that drew ooh's and aah's from everyone. After reading the reviews I too chose the Mascarpone Cream Cheese frosting on this site with the Red Velvet cupcakes since I had a few tubs laying around. Very light delicate frosting making a great cake.

My daughter and I made this cake for our Fourth of July dessert. It was excellent. Not only did it look great it tasted just as good. We used raspberries instead of strawberries. I would definitely make it again!!

Made the recipe almost exactly as is, cutting back a tad on the sugar. Turned out perfect and looking very elegant! It is huge so a lot of happy eaters. BEWARE: This cake is not heart, health or hip friendly!

This recipe seemed fairly straight forward at first, a little bit hard to assemble if all 3 cakes do not come out of the oven the exact same shape. Very crumbly, therefor I found it hard to work with

I made this cake last year for a Fourth celebration. It was a big hit so I'm making it again this year.

This is without a doubt the best cake i have ever had. not only tasty but beautiful.

How to Throw a Wedding Like A Celebrity (Even on a Budget)

Attainable ideas for the couple that wants to keep it real.

Published on October 19, 2018

If fame and fortune will get you anything, a knockout wedding is certainly it. Call them what you want—over-the-top, unnecessarily outrageous, excessively stupendous—but celebrity weddings are more than just star-studded affairs with big-name bank accounts behind them. Okay, so, Kanye and Kim’s two-week Italian extravaganza (which, if you didn’t know, included a private tour and carriage ride through Versaille, a custom Givenchy Haute Couture gown, and a lavish pre-wedding dinner with guests like Serena Williams and Andre Leon Talley in attendance) is what we all imagine an A-list wedding to entail, Kimye’s fanciful fete is actually the exception—not the rule.

In part to the fact that life under a microscope can take a toll on one’s soul and sense of personal privacy, celebrity weddings tend to be more intimate gatherings, free of paparazzi. Seeing that celebrities don’t like to settle when it comes to their daily lives, A-listers certainly make few compromises on their special day. Testing the bounds of celebratory tradition and embracing alternative party ideas are two things the stars do best—especially when they’re saying “I do.”

So what does this mean for us? Ahead, we look back on some of the most memorable A-list weddings from the past few years, and pull the attainable tips and tricks we’ve learned from each.

S.W.A.T. Recap 05/19/21: Season 4 Episode 17 “Whistleblower”

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Wednesday, May 19, 2021, episode, and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below. On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 4 episode 17 called “Whistleblower,” as per the CBS synopsis, “The team races to rescue victims of a sex trafficking ring that is preying on disenfranchised women Hondo finds himself at odds with Leroy and Darryl over the future of their business Street confronts Chris about meeting with his hospitalized mom.

So make sure to stop by tonight between 10 PM and 11 PM ET for our S.W.A.T. recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our television news, videos, recaps, spoilers, and more, here!

Tonight’s SWAT recap starts now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

In tonight’s S.W.A.T. episode, the police union was powerful. They tend to step in whenever an officer is in trouble and they did so again with Durham and the other two. The racist cops weren’t being fired. They were instead going to be transferred to different precincts and so Deacon faced more repercussions than the racists. The racists got to pretend they weren’t racists because they used the black friend’s defense.

They mentioned how they worked with black cops and that there was never an issue in the past. Hondo knew that was a joke. He and Deacon both found evidence that three racists’ arrest reports skew heavily towards people of color. They went around looking for minorities to arrest and so that should have been proof of their racisms yet it wasn’t. The three men will be transferred and the other officers will give Deacon a wide berth because now he’s known for investigating other cops.

Holt broke the news to Deacon and Hondo. Neither of the men was happy with the situation and Hondo personally feels like the department should have done more. The least they could do was take back the racists’ badges and guns. But the police department wasn’t going to do that. They were just going to transfer the men and hope everything blows over. The guys in the meantime had to do their jobs.

They responded to a shootout out by the gas station and there the team came across several bodies. It seems a shootout occurred between a couple of pimps and a john. The john was named Gabriel Cardenas. He was with Long Haul Protectors which is an organization that tries to help the girls that are being human trafficked to truckers.

They were more of them than the police. The Long Haul Protectors got together and they’ve been quietly rescuing girls for a while now, but things didn’t go like planned this time. The girl ran away rather than be rescued and her pimps started firing at the guy who was trying to save her. Cardenas had a gun on him as well. He fired back and he killed one of the pimps. Only the other one got away with two of the girls.

The other girl whose name is Shannon was accidentally left behind. She had been hiding in the bathroom during the shootout and so her “friends” left without her and that wasn’t good. Shannon later explained to Detective Lynch that the other girls will be punished now for losing her. And Shannon had plenty of more to say about the pimps that have been moving her for months now.

Shannon fell prey to a “Romeo pimp”. He’s the kind that pretends to date a girl and to prove she loves him she has to prostitute herself. Shannon has been missing for a while now. Her family and friends don’t know where she is. Once she started to prostitute herself, she’s been dragged all over the country and she didn’t even know she was in AL until she saw LAPD on the SWAT team that rescued her.

Shannon only started to talk when she realized what she actually lived through. She’s a victim of sex trafficking and she was safe now. Apart from her wanted to run off back to what she knew but slowly the team was helping her see the light. They even got her to reveal the man who got her involved in all of this. His name was JC and the team spoke with him. And it turns out he didn’t recruit her.

JC was just one of the johns she was forced to have sex with. Shannon said his name because she still needed to be deprogrammed and because she hates JC. JC was cruel. He was rough. He didn’t care that she was being forced to sleep with him and so he will be punished but the team needed some answers from Shannon. They went back to her. They asked her about the pimps. She told them about Paul, Barry, and one other guy.

This other guy never revealed his name. He was just scary or at least that’s how Shannon described him and Shannon also described the house where they were being held. She saw she saw a birdhouse that didn’t look like a birdhouse. It was actually a siren leftover from the Cold War. The team used that information to track down the house was being held and they later moved on the building.

Unfortunately, the team only found one girl and one guy. The third pimp had made off with a couple of the girls and there’s was no telling where he went. The team was able to identify by cameras in the house they just raided. They knew they were looking for a felon accused of murdering two women he was pimping out and so this guy was known to throw away girls if they displease him. The team was able to track his location.

He was at another rest stop with the girls and he ran off the moment he saw the police coming his way. The perp stole a truck from one of the long haulers and he had a prisoner. He had one of the girls in the vehicle with him and the police were giving chase. They chased out onto the freeway. They forced their perp off the road by messing with his tires. And just when he was going to shoot his victim, Hondo shot the perp instead.

The team saved the day. They rescued all of the girls that were being trafficked and the girls now have a long road ahead of them. After Hondo’s team had saved the day, Hondo went by Leroy and Darryl’s repair shop. The two had tried buying out Hondo’s share and yet he knows that they didn’t come by that five thousand naturally. Hondo asked Leroy about it when Darryl wasn’t around. He asked Leroy where the money came from and Leroy admitted he gave up his place.

He’s now sleeping at the shop but he believes the shop will be better if Hondo stops coming around while he’s wearing a badge. Hondo saw how much Leroy wanted the shop to work out for Darryl. Hondo agreed to step back so that the father and son can bond. And so that Hondo could regain his old friendship with Leroy.

Hondo finally realized he was wrong about many things. He went to a journalist friend and he revealed to the friends’ names and places and things that were said that can prove three LAPD officers were racists. The friend was going to print an article. Hondo will be named as a source and so he warned Hicks about it. And Hicks was not happy.

And neither was Chris when she found out Street was going to give his mother a part of his liver.

20 Crave-Worthy Carrot Cake Recipes

There are a few key ingredients that make carrot cake so sweet and satisfying. First, let's talk about the number one essential component: shredded carrots. Their natural juiciness adds plenty of moisture to the batter, and their bright orange color is essential in giving carrot cake, cupcakes, and cookies their distinctive hue. The shreds blend seamlessly into the cake batter but also add a delicate texture to each bite. The other ingredients that put carrot cake in a delicious league of its own are a blend of spices. Cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg are the typical trifecta, but some of our recipes also feature ground cardamom, allspice, and cloves.

If you're looking for an all-around classic carrot cake recipe, our Carrot Cake with White-Chocolate Frosting should fit the bill. We love the organic look of the ruffled frosting, which is so much easier to create than it may seem. If you're hosting a birthday party, bridal shower, or Easter brunch, this is the dessert to serve.

We have plenty of riffs on classic carrot cake as well. Our thumbprint cookies are nutty and chewy, thanks to golden raisins, pecans, and rolled oats. Piped apricot jam and the signature cream cheese frosting are the icing on the, well, cookie. Or try the Carrot Cheesecake with Marzipan Carrots, pictured here. It's all the flavors of carrot cake but reinvented as a cheesecake. While the decorative carrots on top are made out of marzipan, the green tops are fresh carrot fronds.

Looking for something that's a bit more casual? Both of our carrot cupcake recipes&mdashHazelnut Carrot-Oat Cupcakes with Cream-Cheese Frosting and basic (but certainly not boring!) Carrot Cupcakes&mdashare great options to make for a crowd.

Celebrate the arrival of spring with these fabulous variations on spiced carrot cake.

Our Most Spectacular Strawberry Recipes

Everyone's favorite berry, the strawberry is also the first fresh berry to appear in markets, beating out the raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries that all appear later in the year. Peak season for strawberries is April to June, which means these sweet, juicy berries star in many springtime dishes.

Strawberry desserts are the ultimate sweet ending to a meal come spring. We love them simply tossed with sugar and served with crème fraîche or paired with an elderberry cream for something a little more unexpected. Of course, there's the classic strawberry shortcake&mdashit's a stellar dessert for just about any type of celebration, whether it's a family birthday or a Friday night. Riffing on shortcake, we also have a fun recipe for Strawberry-Shortcake Sundaes. And for the frozen treat purists among us, there's nothing quite as refreshing as Strawberry Ice Cream made using ripe, seasonal berries.

Strawberries, of course, go beyond dessert. You can start the day with a Strawberry-Grapefruit Smoothie or a simple strawberry muffin. You can even spread our easiest-ever strawberry jam on your toast (it takes just 10 minutes to make!). What about cocktails? Enjoy strawberries in a colorful daiquiri or a refreshing spritz.

When shopping for strawberries, look for bright red berries that do not have any white or green around the stem. Be sure to sniff (the strawberries should be fragrant!) and to touch (you'll want to find berries that are plump, with no soft spots). If you are going to use the berries the same day, it's best not to refrigerate them. Otherwise we recommend laying the berries flat on a paper-towel-lined plate and refrigerating for up to two days. Do not rinse or hull the strawberries until you are ready to use them.

Ready to start cooking with berries? Enjoy your favorites all season long with these spectacular strawberry recipes.

Delicious treats a piece of cake for three bakers

IT WAS impossible to resist the smiling face proffering a taster of delicious cakes as I went into Blackrock Market on a cold blustery Saturday. I greedily grabbed a piece of lovely rich, honey golden polenta cake, which was as good as it looked.

L ooking around me at a range of cakes, tarts, quiches and scones, beautifully boxed and displayed on tiered glass units, I wondered how Veny Higgins, from Mauritius, had got into baking home-style Irish apple tarts and cakes.

Veny came to Ireland in 2006 and three years later met her future husband, Wesley Higgins, whom she married a couple of months ago. "I studied food and nutrition back home in Mauritius and I have always had a passion for cooking. I thought why not try to get into the food market."

Veny went through all the formalities in meeting the standards required in setting up her cake business.

"I rang the HSE and they came out and inspected my kitchen. I am in the Blackrock Market nearly three months now and it is going very well. I love the traditional apple tart, and I always have a lemongrass coconut cake which is very, very beautiful."

Just imagine the aroma – it would transport you straight to sunnier climes. On my visit she had delicious apple tarts, mouthwatering apple, cinnamon and walnut cakes, chocolate cakes, carrot cakes, scones, pinwheel cakes, and lovely soda bread with pesto, feta cheese and sundried tomatoes.

Prices depend obviously on the type and size of cake. Three slices of chocolate cake are €5, or €15 for the cake. Apple tarts are €5 and quiches, which apparently are very popular, are €4.

"I bake Friday nights and Saturday mornings. I am up since 3.30am," she says. Veny makes cakes for special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries and so on. You will find Veny every Saturday and Sunday at Blackrock Market, Co Dublin.

WHEN I was a schoolgirl, domestic science was part of the curriculum. We learned to bake bread, scones and cook other basic dishes, not to mention sewing (which I hated). I have to confess, though, that the best cake maker in my house is my better half Brendan, who has passed the skills on to our boys.

Baking, however, has had a big revival, from Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry on The Great British Bake Off to Rachel Allen's Bake. In the early part of Noughties, none of the TV companies was interested in 'baking' shows. It seems it is since the recession and the return to the homely interests of our grandmothers – such as knitting, sewing and upscaling – that there is a new passion to learn how to bake granny's favourite cakes. Before that it seemed every upwardly mobile bod was trying to learn how to outdo one another with Michelin-style food and skills at their dinner parties.

That's all gone and it is back to easy-peasy comfort food. It has certainly brought legendary British Queen of Cakes, Mary Berry, back to the fore at 77 years of age. If she doesn't approve of your Victoria sponge, you can forget it. So no sinking middles, please!

French master pastry chef, Eric Lanlard, on Channel 4's Baking Mad, conjures up amazing confections that you feel you can do yourself, which in itself is a gift! The French and the Belgians seem to have this down to a fine art.

Iseult Janssens, who has Belgian ancestry, went to Paris to train as a pastry chef. A dairy farmer's daughter from Newcastle, Co Dublin, she came back in 2009 after a stint abroad, built a commercial kitchen at the back of her parents' house and started The Cake Stand, specialising in top notch cakes, desserts, cupcakes, macarons, and knockout wedding cakes.

She trained in French pastry and bakery in Paris, graduating with honours from Ecole Superieure de Cuisine Francaise (ESCF) Ecole Gregoire-Ferrandi. After this she went to work at the Grand Epicerie de Paris, the food hall of the Bon Marche, as a member of the pastry team under chef Benoit Castel.

Here she gained what she describes as invaluable experience in creating fine French pastries such as the traditional classic Croquembouche (the high-piled cone of chocolate and cream-filled profiteroles) served on special occasions, and which have now become a popular alternative to the traditional wedding fruit cake.

Whilst in Paris, Iseult also worked in the Michelin-starred restaurant Helene Darroze. Darroze is one of the top chefs in the world and is also at the Connaught Hotel in London (two Michelin stars) and has just opened in Moscow.

A lot has changed since Iseult started The Cake Stand. "I fell in love with a dairy farmer," she says. The lucky man is Matthew Leonard and the pair now live in Stamullen, Co Meath. "I am commuting every day to Newcastle. Matthew works with his brother on the farm but we are hoping to get our own farm and then I will move the commercial kitchen there."

Macarons have proved a huge success for Iseult. "They are gluten free. I am dairy intolerant so I understand these problems." She got a Gold Medal for them at the Blas na hEireann Awards last year and she supplies Avoca in Rathcoole, Malahide and Belfast with them, as well as Caviston's in Glasthule.

"I am still a one-woman band," Iseult explains. "I do everything. I am dealing with delicate pastries and cakes, and transportation is a problem. It is very difficult to find a small distributor who won't absorb a huge amount of the profit. The cakes also have to be handled carefully. This I know is a huge problem with small artisan producers. If we could all only get together."

WE ALL know how difficult it is to get a bite to eat on the M8 to Cork. You fill up the car, and spend a penny, buy a roll and a bottle of water, before you embark on the drive as if you were crossing the Sahara desert! However, I have discovered a fantastic coffee shop at the Horse & Jockey Hotel, 14km north of Cashel where pastry chef Jacqueline Lanigan Ryan has been enchanting those with a sweet tooth for the past six years.

I love her flourless deep rich chocolate cake and her superb lemon Madeira cake with homemade lemon curd. You can either enjoy these on site or buy them and take them away. She does beautiful wedding cakes and cakes for other special occasions.

Last September, Jacqueline went to Manchester to complete a chocolatier course under the watchful eye of master chocolatier John Slattery, who has over 40 years' experience in baking, confectionery and chocolate work

"His passion is infectious," says Jacqueline. "I came back full of knowledge and ideas and got to work making all sorts of chocolate products, including shoes.

"Chocolate is a difficult product to work with as tempering the chocolate properly dictates whether the finished result both looks and tastes as it should, shiny with a crack when broken."

Previous baking demonstrations in the hotel were a sell-out. Another demonstration is planned before Easter to include making and decorating Easter eggs, cakes and cookies to hang on your Easter tree. Check for dates.

"More and more people are getting involved in home baking and want to learn some of the tricks from a professional, or just want to explore their own creative side," says Jacqueline.

"Get your kids involved, they really want to be included and enjoy the process as well as the end result. Homemade treats in moderation are so much better as you know what is in them compared to processed confectionery."

Watch the video: Bryllupskage med brownie, valnødder, hindbær og chokolade + fondantblomster. Den Søde Tand (July 2022).


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