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Applebee’s Boneless Wings Are Only 25 Cents Right Now

Applebee’s Boneless Wings Are Only 25 Cents Right Now

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Applebee’s boneless wings are incredibly cheap right now, and it’s all because there are a bunch of sports on TV. It doesn’t matter if you order five, 15 or 50 — they all cost just a quarter.

The Most Popular Menu Items at America’s Top Chain Restaurants

Regular menu prices are subject to location, but at one restaurant in Brooklyn, an order of boneless wings costs $13.99. In the ad for the appetizer, it shows 10 wings to an order, so that comes out to $1.40 per wing. If you take advantage of this 25-cent deal, the same amount of wings would cost you just $2.50.

Applebee’s boneless wings are breaded and fried. Typically, you can order them plain or tossed in classic Buffalo, honey BBQ or sweet Asian chile sauces, but it appears this promotion is only good for the OG classic Buffalo. Celery and dipping sauce (ranch and blue cheese) is extra.

To take advantage of these super cheap eats, you have to dine in at an Applebee’s restaurant. The 25-cent wings are not available for delivery. Prefer bone-in? Cough up some extra dough for the best Buffalo wings in America.

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