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Spreads with black radish cream

Spreads with black radish cream

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Some have never heard of her. Others know too well the taste of its juice sweetened with honey, being one of the most effective antitussive remedies. This is the black radish.
Its origin is ancient Egypt, but in Europe it was spread by the Romans. And they did well!
Black radish has exceptional qualities: it is rich in vitamins C and B1, magnesium, iron and calcium. These elements facilitate drainage in the liver and gallbladder, promoting the elimination of toxins.
It is often used in liver and biliary disorders, such as liver colic, migraines of liver origin or in digestive allergies. The consequences of overeating, especially around the holidays, can be effectively combated by eating black radish, which promotes intestinal transit and eliminates constipation. It is also good to know that it has an antibacterial effect on the digestive flora, which helps maintain the health of the stomach.

That being said, I will present you an exceptional recipe, very easy to prepare and healthy, but also with a great taste.

Top 6 most delicious and good-looking appetizers - Christmas and New Year's table will look great!

We present you the recipes of the most delicious and good-looking appetizers, only good for the holiday table. They are simply prepared from affordable ingredients, being very delicious and flavorful. With a little skill you will be able to amaze the guests with an aperitif. Among the recipes below, you will surely find something to your liking.


We present you a delicious snack recipe with cheese, served on chips. It is prepared simply and quite quickly, being very good-looking and served in a very comfortable way for guests. It is an appetizer only good both for a festive meal in the family and for a party.


Method of preparation

1. Finely chop the tomatoes. If they have too much juice, drain it.

2. Finely chop the greens. Grate the cheese.

3. Mix the grated cheese with the tomatoes and greens.

4. Add the crushed garlic and mayonnaise. Stir.

5. Fill the chips with the obtained filling. Arrange them on a plate and decorate them with olives.


We present you a recipe for small sandwiches, super delicious and good-looking. From affordable ingredients and a little skill you get an aperitif with a pronounced aesthetic effect, which will immediately conquer all guests.


- greens (greens, parsley)

Method of preparation

2. Cut the bread into small slices the size of future sandwiches.

3. Grease the side of the slices of bread with cream cheese. Spread the bread with cream cheese mixed with chopped greens on top.

4. Sprinkle the sides of the bread with a little greenery.

5. Arrange a parsley leaf on top.

6. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and the olives into 4 parts.

7. Arrange half a cherry tomato and a quarter of an olive on each slice of bread.

8. Cut the black dots in the same way from the olives, and you get the ladybug's eyes with a little mayonnaise.


We present you a recipe for super delicious, good-looking sandwiches, prepared in record time. From perfectly combined ingredients, you get an irresistible delight for the holiday table. If you prefer a slightly spicy appetizer, add a little crushed garlic.


Method of preparation

1. Cut the bread into heart-shaped pieces using a cookie cutter.

2. Arrange a slice of salmon on a slice of bread and cover with another slice of bread.

3. Grease the top slice with butter and arrange the red caviar on it.

4. Grease the sides of the sandwiches with a little butter and sprinkle with dill.

5. If desired, you can decorate the sandwiches with a little mayonnaise, parsley leaves and lemon.


We present you a recipe for spicy spreads with cheese. They are easy to prepare, delicious and good-looking. By keeping the basic ingredients, you can vary the other ingredients for these canapés. The decor and accent of flavors or taste may vary depending on your preferences.


- 4 packets of melted cheese

- 1 red bell pepper

Method of preparation

1. Grate the cheese.

2. Cut the bell pepper into small cubes.

3. Finely chop the garlic and greens.

4. Mix all the prepared ingredients with 100 g of mayonnaise and leave the mixture at room temperature for 10 minutes. Then add the remaining mayonnaise.

5. Arrange the filling obtained in tartlets. You can use a pastry bag.

Note: If you do not have tartlets, you can serve the salad obtained in a bowl. Also, you can form from this medium-sized balls, which you arrange on lettuce leaves.

We present you a very delicious and good-looking snack recipe. It is a less common appetizer, which will not go unnoticed. With a little skill and perfectly combined ingredients, you get a fragrant and filling snack.


- 7 eggs (3 boiled eggs and 4 raw eggs)

- 1 teaspoon of baking soda

- 250 g of cheese (or melted cheese)

Method of preparation

1. Prepare the top: pass the liver and onion through the mincer. Add kefir, eggs, baking soda, salt and pepper. Gradually add the flour and mix until you get a homogeneous mass.

2. Fry thin pancakes from the dough obtained in a pan with hot oil.

3. When they have cooled, cut small circles into a round shape. You can use a small glass.

4. Grate the cheese (melted cheese) and mix it with the crushed garlic, mayonnaise and chopped dill.

5. Grease the pancake circles with the resulting filling. Overlap 3-4 layers. Sprinkle with finely chopped pancakes on top.

6. Separate the egg white from the boiled egg. Grate them in separate bowls.

7. Grease the sides and top with mayonnaise. Cover the sides with grated egg whites and sprinkle with grated egg yolk on top.

8. Arrange the pancakes on a plate (if desired, on a plate with lettuce leaves).

9. On top, assemble the bees, made of green and black olives (if desired, combined with radishes or cucumbers and parsley leaves).

We present you the recipe for a delicious and very attractive appetizer. They are prepared simply and quickly, from simple and affordable ingredients. With a little skill you get a very beautiful and colorful snack, being very convenient to serve.


Method of preparation

1. Grate the eggs. Cut the ham into 0.5 cm cubes. Put the cheese through the small grater.

2. Mix the eggs with the ham and cheese. Add mayonnaise and salt.

3. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Cut the cucumbers into 0.5 cm thick slices.

4. Arrange the lettuce leaves and cucumber slices on a plate. From the filling obtained, form some medium-sized balls and arrange one ball on each slice of cucumber. This way you get the mushroom stalks.

5. Cover the stems with half a cherry tomato and decorate the mushroom hat with mayonnaise dots, using a toothpick.


Far be it from me to turn this blog into a recipe, but look, that's how it turned out now. Because I got some really good crackers from Finn Crisp and the challenge of taking a photo with them composed for a healthy breakfast. And if I still took the nice picture, why shouldn't I tell you what I did ?!

So, I got two kinds of rye crackers, some thicker and some thinner. So I decided to make two salty options and two sweet options, the sweet ones making the breads thinner. That's how we got four healthy breakfast options that you can combine as you like or choose your favorite.

Because it is not a special technique, I have no way of preparing to invoke. All you have to do is lay out the things listed on the fine, crisp board.

  • Option 1: Cream cheese with horseradish and smoked salmon, with a few sprigs of green onion or chives.
  • Variant 2: Scrambled eggs with pepper, radish slices and green onions.
  • Variant 3: Organic almond cream (I also received this one from Sicily, but you can definitely find it on the net) and fresh strawberries.
  • Variant 4: Peanut butter with banana slices and grated dark chocolate on top.

That's about it for a healthy breakfast. Next to it, I made myself a black tea that I brought from Bali (produced in Java), about which I promise to start writing soon. About Bali, not about tea. : D

The good part is that it is also made very fast & # 8211 healthy breakfast & # 8211 and easy, as I used to do with the rest of the recipes here. So don't swear at me, I'll show you things that are complicated to do and with ingredients that are hard to find. Okay, yes, organic almond cream & # 8230 but no, after all who doesn't have someone staying or going on holiday in Italy this summer ?!

Black radish, an important ally of immunity

Black radish (Raphanus sativus niger) is a root vegetable belonging to the Cruciferae family. It is larger than the red radish and has a thick, black bark. Known since the time of the Egyptians, it is appreciated in French gastronomy for its taste properties. In Romania, it is known especially as a natural treatment for coughs and colds, but also for the anticancer properties that she and her relatives in the cruciferous family have.

What nutrients does black radish contain and what benefits does it bring?

The list of substances that black radish contains is very long. It brings many benefits to children's bodies, but adults should not ignore it either. As a supply of nutrients and beneficial to health, it contains potassium, calcium, B vitamins, protein, magnesium, iron, iodine, fiber, carbohydrates, enzymes, flavonoids, volatile oils, fats. All these substances make black radish an important ally of immunity and health.

Black radish contributes a lot to the fixation of calcium and to the strengthening of immunity, especially due to the high content of C vitamin (100 grams of black radish provides 75% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C). With antimicrobial qualities, she will protect the little ones from diseases and infections. It is a proven fact that black radish cures rickets and scurvy due to its content. vitamin C and iodine.

In adults, it is recommended in the fight against cholesterol, for the prevention of heart diseases, for the drainage of the liver and gallbladder, but it also helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Also, osteoarthritis can be alleviated by a cure with syrup obtained by macerating black radish. Black radish also helps to cure kidney and lung diseases, soothe cough, regulate blood pressure. It has diuretic properties, being also useful in skin diseases, allergies and eczema, due to its disinfectant properties.

How do I choose and prepare black radish?

Like all radishes, it is eaten raw, usually in salads. In French gastronomy, it is also added to sauces as a spice. In general, the French use it as a garnish for salmon, goose liver or avocado.
For those on a diet, it should be noted that black radish stimulates the appetite, so it should not be consumed in large quantities. The recommended daily dose for treating various ailments is 100 to 400 ml of radish juice, but it can cause digestive disorders. As a treatment, it is not recommended to exceed a maximum amount of 400 ml of black radish juice (generally consume 100-200 ml of juice).
Before preparing the juice, the black radish is peeled, crushed and the juice it leaves is drunk on an empty stomach, for all diseases of the liver and bile. It can be consumed and soaked in white wine to combat osteoarthritis.

For persistent cough, make a mixture of large pieces of radish and sugar (after the age of 3 years) or prepare a syrup with honey (after the age of 1-2 years). This syrup is consumed in quantities of 2-3 teaspoons on an empty stomach for 2-3 weeks.

When can I introduce black radish into my child's diet?

You can put radishes in the baby's diet at any time after the age of 1 year. However, our recommendation is to talk to your pediatrician in advance and follow the 4 or 7 day rule to make sure radishes are well tolerated by little ones.

Other information on the consumption of black radish:

As side effects of consuming black radish would be & # 8222 stomach burns & # 8221. People who have burns after consuming black radish should avoid this food or reduce the amount consumed. It can also cause bad breath and bloating. That is why it is recommended to seek medical advice before starting a cure or treatment with black radish.

Black radish syrup

Black radish syrup is easy to make, cold and can be consumed by anyone, as long as they are not allergic to bee honey.

It is known that in this vast world, there are many natural remedies for colds. Some remedies can be quite difficult to prepare and require several steps and increased attention. However, this recipe for black radish syrup is easy to prepare, cold and can be eaten by anyone, as long as they are not allergic to bee honey. Here's how:


Steps needed to prepare

  1. Black radish washes very well. Ideally, use a brush to rub the radish peel under a stream of cold water.
  2. After cleaning, cut off the top of the black radish to remove the leaves and a small "lid".
  3. With a spoon, scoop out a small portion of the core. Ideally, at least 1 cm of core should remain around the shell.
  4. Place the radish on a plate so that it does not tip over. You can use a glass & icircn as a support to put the radish. & Icircn hollow put the two teaspoons of honey.
  5. Cover with the lid you cut off at the beginning.
  6. It must be left covered for 12 hours. At this time, the radish will leave the juice in the hole where you put the honey. Remove the syrup and repeat the procedure as many times as possible, until the radish core is finished.

Suggestion: The hollowed-out core can be used in salads. The salad can be made either from black radish or with other vegetables and roots.

January 27 - Chocolate Cake Day. Recipe ideas for delicious desserts

The chocolate cake is the most appreciated dessert in the world and offers a great variety in terms of recipes and mixture of ingredients.

Chocolate - the ingredient with rich taste

Chocolate, the ingredient obtained from cocoa, sugar, sometimes milk and special flavors, appeared in Central America about 4,000 years ago. The fruits of the cocoa tree were roasted and ground, and the powder obtained was initially used to prepare drinks used by the natives for religious rituals.

Brought to Europe, the Spaniards prepared their chocolate drink in the same way as the Native Americans, but they added a single ingredient, sugar, which would turn bitter cocoa powder into the most beloved sweet food. Currently, West Africa is the main producer of cocoa in the world, due to the climate that allows the growth of a variety of cocoa trees.

The special taste, the wide range of assortments (with milk, without sugar, with hazelnuts, with fruit or alcohol fillings) and the nutritional characteristics of chocolate make it a dessert appreciated by the whole family.

Recipe ideas for delicious chocolate cakes

All lovers of this dessert celebrate the world day of chocolate cake on January 27 with tasty recipes, only good to try, for whatever reason. We propose three recipes with which to delight the taste buds of anyone who crosses your doorstep.

Smart chocolate cake
  • It is a cake with a low degree of difficulty, with a silky final appearance and unmistakable taste.Necessary ingredients:
    • 4 large eggs, with the whites separated from the yolks
    • 120 grams of butter
    • 600 milliliters of milk
    • 110 grams of powdered sugar
    • 100 grams of sugar
    • 50 grams of cocoa powder
    • 110 grams of flour
    • 1 pinch of salt
    • half a teaspoon of vinegar
    • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
    • 30 milliliters of strong coffee

    Method of preparation:

    Set the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
    Slowly melt the butter and gradually heat the milk.
    Mix the flour with the cocoa powder until you get a homogeneous composition.
    Grease a tray of approximately 20 × 28 centimeters well with solid butter.
    Mix the yolks with the powdered sugar.
    Add the flour mixed with cocoa, vanilla essence, coffee and melted butter.
    Add the milk and mix.
    Separately, beat the egg whites hard with salt and add the vinegar and sugar (until they reach the consistency of a glossy meringue).
    Mix the egg whites with the composition of milk, cocoa and egg yolks.
    Pour the composition in the form well greased with butter. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes.
    Allow the cake to cool before removing it from the mold, after which you can cut it into portions as desired.
    Add raspberries or powdered sugar.

    Fluffy white chocolate cake

    It is a type of light cake, which you eat with pleasure and which is made very quickly.

    Necessary ingredients:

    For the countertop:

    • 5 eggs
    • 5 tablespoons sugar
    • 2 tablespoons oil
    • 5 tablespoons flour
    • 5 tablespoons ground walnuts
    • a teaspoon of baking powder
    • vanilla essence
    • 2 drops of almond essence

    For the cream:

    • 3 tablespoons starch
    • 3 tablespoons powdered sugar
    • 500 milliliters of milk
    • 200 grams of white chocolate
    • a teaspoon of lemon juice

    Preparation of fluffy countertop:

    Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until they froth.
    Add the sugar and mix until you get a thick and shiny foam.
    Rub the yolks with oil, vanilla essence and almonds, then pour them over the egg whites and mix gently.
    At the end, incorporate the flour mixed with baking powder and ground walnuts, stirring lightly.
    Pour the composition into the tray (20 × 30 cm) lined with baking paper and set the oven at an average temperature of 160 degrees Celsius, for about 30 minutes.
    Remove the countertop from the tray and leave it to cool with the baking paper.

    How to prepare white chocolate cream:

    Put the starch and sugar in a stainless steel pot, then pour the milk a little, mixing well with a whisk, so that no lumps form.
    Without boiling, simmer the composition over low heat until it thickens. Set it aside and incorporate the broken chocolate into pieces.
    Let it reach room temperature, then cover the cream well with cling film and put it in the fridge to cool very well.
    In the cooled cream, put lemon juice to taste.

    Preparing the cake:

    Cut the cooled countertop into 3 parts.
    Set aside 2-3 tablespoons of cream (you will use it to finish the cake).
    Divide the rest of the cream in half and evenly grease the tops.
    Finally, wrap the cake in cling film and keep it in the fridge until ready to serve.

    Flourless chocolate cake

    With a creamy consistency and an intense taste, this cake will soon become your favorite, especially if you add a cup of pistachio and vanilla ice cream. For a delicious result, use a bitter chocolate of the highest quality.

    Necessary ingredients:

    • 300 grams of dark chocolate with high cocoa content
    • 175 grams of sugar
    • 185 grams of butter (82% fat)
    • 5 medium eggs
    • 70 grams of cocoa
    • a vanilla pod

    Method of preparation:

    Cut the chocolate and butter into pieces and put them in a stainless steel pot, over low heat, to homogenize.
    Stir until the composition gets a creamy consistency, turn off the heat, then let it cool.
    Put the eggs in a bowl, add salt, vanilla bean seeds and sugar, then mix until the composition triples in volume.
    Add the chocolate and butter mixture and mix well, from bottom to top, until smooth.
    Add the cocoa powder to the bowl and stir.
    Pour the composition in the form lined with butter and baking paper and bake the cake in the preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius, for 25-30 minutes.
    After baking, leave the chocolate cake in the form for 5 minutes, then turn it over on a plate and let it cool.
    Powder the cake with cocoa or powdered sugar and serve with ice cream or cream.

    Tips for the best chocolate cakes

    Every housewife has her own tricks in the kitchen, but to get the tastiest chocolate cakes, you can use the tips below with confidence:

    Use ingredients that are at room temperature, especially eggs. They give the countertop a fluffy texture and help the cake grow nicer.

    If you want to use a trick to quickly bring the eggs from the fridge to room temperature, you can leave them in hot water for a minute, then put them in hot water for 5 minutes.

    Use whipped milk - this ingredient will make the cake juicier.

    Place baking paper on the baking tray to prevent it from sticking, then grease it with butter or oil.

    If you have prepared a chocolate cake and you want to freeze it, make sure that when it is put in the freezer it is completely cooled. Also cover it well with plastic wrap or use a food bag that closes tightly. You can keep it in the freezer for up to a month.

    Whether it is a sweet cake, with dense layers and creamy interior, or a light one, with a consistency that you can consume at any time, the chocolate cake offers you a well-deserved moment of pampering, which you can share with your loved ones.

    Old-fashioned medicine with black radish

    Radish is not only good for salads and recipes. We can also use it to treat certain ailments.

    Radish juice for constipation

    Due to its rich content fiber, radish helps to elimination of constipation and at ball production. Due to these effects, protects the liver and gallbladder. Drink 1 glass of radish juice in the morning, sweetened with 1 teaspoon of honey.

    Radish juice for liver stones

    Radish juice is a great enemy of liver stones. You can drink 100-400 grams a day.

    It is also recommended radish juice those suffering from gallbladder disease, thickened iron and bladder stones.

    Squeeze the radish juice and drink 2-3 cups a day, or at least 1 cup in the morning.

    It is also recommended diet (only with milk, vegetables and greens, without eggs, meat, cheese, alcohol or spices). The patient should also use more oil.

    Black radish cough syrup

    A black radish is dug in the middle. Fill with honey or icing sugar and leave to soak until the juice / syrup is formed. It is given to children who cough. Black radish syrup is very useful in cough.

    Radishes for liver congestion and pneumonia

    Grated black radish can be used externally to increase blood flow and decongest internal organs. It is recommended in hepatic congestion and pneumonia.

    Black radish stops coughing

    And we Europeans have learned from the Romans that that black, round root is healthy and tasty. It contains a lot of vitamin C (almost three quarters of the recommended daily amount), helping to strengthen the body's immunity. Through the amount of fiber, it contributes to detoxification and helps lower cholesterol. It has only 24 kcal per 100 g, which is recommended in overweight diets and more. It is very good for children, because it fixes calcium and is helpful in treating colds. It lowers cholesterol and prevents heart disease.

    ►Radich syrup: cut several cleaned black radishes into rounds. Chicken in successive layers with sugar or, healthier, with honey. Leave for a few days, then strain the formed syrup. Three teaspoons in the morning is an excellent tonic, especially for tired livers.

    Cuisine: it tastes good, even refreshing and is wonderful in salads or in combination with onions and tuna, seasoned with lemon and 2-3 drops of olive oil.

    ►Special salad: a black radish, a sprig of leeks and 500 g of poultry liver. Simmer the livers in water and wine (equal amounts), add a pinch of salt and a pinch of garlic and let it simmer. Cut the leeks into rounds and put the radish (cleaned) on the grater. Mix everything, pour a teaspoon of olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice and mix again. Serve as a snack.


    The bad weather came and the flu and cold season began. In order not to go to pharmacies and to get well quickly, you can use one of the best cures for colds and flu. Black radish syrup with bee honey was used by the elderly as a remedy 100 years ago.

    Did the bad weather put you to bed? Do you have a cold or flu? Do not worry! There is a natural and effective remedy. The cure found by the ancestors has been working for 100 years. Black radish syrup and honey is an effective remedy for colds.

    With this 100% natural remedy you get rid of cough, flu or cold. Black radish with honey acts as an antimicrobial agent and strengthens the immune system, so the cure can be consumed and preventive.

    The combination of black radish and honey is the perfect remedy. It helps relieve the symptoms of respiratory viruses, including cough, sore throat, and hoarseness.

    Black radish contains carbohydrates, essential oils, enzymes, trace elements, vitamins B and C, flavonoids or isothiocyanates. This vegetable is also a powerful energizer, but also removes toxins from the body.

    - 1 black radish
    - 2-3 tablespoons of honey

    The radish is not peeled, washed very well with cold water and wiped with a towel. Cut on top (where the leaves were) a lid that will be set aside and with a teaspoon or a knife will be dug inside and remove the core, leaving about 1 cm of contents around.

    Put two tablespoons of honey so that it fills more than half of the radish hole.

    Then close the radish with the upper part cut earlier and leave it to stand overnight. In the morning, a sweet and tasty syrup will accumulate inside the radish, which even the little ones will love.

    The method of administration is as follows: in children - a teaspoon, 4-5 times a day, before meals. In adults a tablespoon, 4-5 times a day, also before meals.

    Recipes for Lent: “Spring” sandwiches

    white or black bread - 4 slices,
    "Guacamole" sauce or avocado paste (not a mandatory ingredient) - 4-6 teaspoons,
    red - 1 pc,
    cucumber - 0.5-1 pcs (medium size),
    green basil or dill,
    lemon - 1 / 3-1 / 2 pcs,
    freshly ground black pepper

    Cut white or black bread into slices (if desired, slices of bread can be fried in vegetable or olive oil and cooled).
    Grease the slices of bread with "Guacamole" sauce.
    * If there is no "Guacamole" sauce, grind the avocado kernel with a fork, season with salt and sprinkle with lemon juice - grease the bread slices with this avocado paste.
    * if it is not avocado, then the vegetables are placed directly on the slices of bread, without being greased with sauce, or, the slices can be rubbed with half a clove of garlic

    Wash the tomatoes and cut them into rounds.
    Cut the cucumbers into rounds.
    The salad is washed and dried.
    The green basil or dill is washed and dried.
    On the slices of bread are placed the salad, tomato slices, cucumber slices.
    The spreads are seasoned with salt, freshly ground pepper and sprinkled with lemon juice.


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