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Rainbow Pumpkin Seed Craft

Rainbow Pumpkin Seed Craft

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Turn your pumpkin seeds into pretty little pieces of the rainbow! These little gems aren't for eating, but are perfect for crafting, decorating holiday tables, and designing pretty pumpkins!MORE+LESS-

Updated October 9, 2014


package Betty Crocker™ gel food colors

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    Preheat oven to 325°F. Place 1/2 cup of pumpkin seeds in each of 5 small zip top baggies.

  • 2

    Squeeze 3/4 teaspoon of red coloring into one bag. Squeeze 3/4 teaspoon of yellow food coloring, and 1/8 teaspoon red food coloring into a second bag. Squeeze 3/4 teaspoon yellow coloring into the third bag. Squeeze 3/4 teaspoon green coloring in the fourth bag. Squeeze 3/4 teaspoon blue coloring in the final bag. Close the bags tightly, and squish the bags until the coloring coats the pumpkin seeds well.

  • 3

    Lay the colored pumpkin seeds on a parchment or foil lined baking sheet. Place in preheated oven. Bake for 10-15 minutes, or just until food coloring dries. Allow to cool before crafting with the seeds.

  • 4

    To decorate pumpkins: Use tacky craft glue to adhere the seeds onto the pumpkin. Have fun!

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More About This Recipe

  • Who says this time of year has to be all black and orange, orange and black?

    We say rainbow is the new hot color for the fall holiday, and there's no talking us out of how cool these colorful seeds are to decorate with!

    Two things. That's all you need to make these brightly hued pumpkin seeds. Like little gems for your seasonal décor, rainbow pumpkin seeds are better than confetti and way cuter than carving a boring old jack-o-lantern.

    Start by putting pumpkin seeds in little zip top bags. You can harvest them fresh from your pumpkin, or use the bags of ready-roasted seeds. If using the fresh seeds, make sure you've cleaned and dried them incredibly well for best results.

    Squeeze a smidgen of Betty Crocker gel food coloring into each bag. Squish the bags around, making sure the color coats the seeds.

    Gently squeeze the seeds onto a parchment or foil-lined baking sheet. Bake for 10-15 minutes, or until the color has dried.

    Got kids? Call 'em in to help! No kids? No prob -- this is fun and easy even for us adults.

    Start decorating those pumpkins with your rainbow pumpkin seed. Please -- no snacking on the seeds -- but gluing them onto the clean, dry exterior of a pumpkin is a fun way to get your house ready for Halloween and beyond!

    Once they're ready, put your pumpkins out on display!

    Just think of the possibilities: A pumpkin with the initial of your last name placed on your doorstep, or a colorful turkey as your Thanksgiving table centerpiece -- or a fun and frolicking rainbow like we did just because.

    No matter what you make with your colorful seeds -- just do it!

Recipe: Garlic Pumpkin Seeds - Elder Scrolls Online

Recipe: Garlic Pumpkin Seeds is a Food Provisioning recipe in Elder Scrolls Online. Recipes have to be found in the world, usually inside barrels and crates, and then consumed to be learned. Recipes are not bound to account, and can be sold to other players.

Recipe: Garlic Pumpkin Seeds Information

Creates Garlic Pumpkin Seeds

Increase Magicka by 2192 for 35 minutes. (5 seconds cooldown)


  • Pumpkin
  • Garlic

30 Best Pumpkin Crafts to Spruce Up Your Home This Fall

Some people love going all out with their outdoor Halloween decorations&mdashbats, scarecrows, fake cobwebs, you name it! Others prefer more subdued fall décor ideas in the form of gingham accents, potted mums, and a cute wreath. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, there's one decorative element you're likely to include: pumpkins! That's where these creative pumpkin crafts come in handy. Whether you like to make jack-o'-lanterns, show off painted designs, or just display them as they are, you're certain to have a few as part of your seasonal decorations. If you're looking to mix up your usual pumpkin decorating ideas, these pumpkin craft ideas are the perfect place to start.

They'll work for both outdoor and indoor decorating, and Thanksgiving and Halloween crafts alike. There are gorgeous floral painted pumpkins (check out the first seven slides for a glimpse at some of Ree Drummond's favorite pumpkin crafts!), as well as pumpkins-turned-vases to display a beautiful bouquet. If you're looking for a fall porch décor idea that'll really turn heads, don't miss the pumpkin lawn flamingos or the mini pumpkins covered in glittery confetti. There's no end to what you can do with these easy pumpkin ideas, so pick a few and get to crafting!

This kitty will sit pretty on your front porch. You just need floral fabric, a couple of pieces of burlap for the whiskers, and black cord or yarn for the eyes and mouth.

If you've got a cute yellow lab (or a lovable pair of yellow labs like Ree!), then this idea is for you. Grab some faux sherpa fur for the ears and note and use floral fabric for the details.

Create this adorable pumpkin horse in no time. You just need brown and black suede, floral fabric, and black button eyes. The blue yarn mane and pumpkin seed nose are the cherries on top!

Even though this isn't actually a pumpkin, a butternut squash is the perfect way to create a cute little hound! Get some floral fabric, burlap, and black wire or yarn to make this cute pooch.

Get inspired by the Drummond ranch with this cute pumpkin cow. Use burlap for the base of the ears and nose and embellish with floral fabric. Don't forget the yellow button snout!

You just need a floral stencil, painter's tape, and a few paint colors to create these beauties. They'll add a tropical feel to your fall decorations!

To make these stylish pumpkins, outline your initials in big block letters. Then fill the letters in using paint and your favorite stencils.

Rainbow Science Activities

Finally a rainbow discovery bottle that the colors don’t run together! I’ve been trying and experimenting for a while now and finally figured it out! It’s not quite liquid and not solid either. It’s a perfect combination of awesomeness! Want to make one of your own? The full tutorial is here.

We’ve all done baking soda and vinegar experiments, right? This Baking Soda & Vinegar Reaction though is the most colorful I have seen and I can just imagine how excited kids will be to see the rainbow foam explosions!

Oil and water make science experiments super easy and fun. This Rainbow Jar is extra fun, not only because of the colors, but it is mesmerizing how the colors stack up on top of each other!

These candies are fun to eat but even more fun to play with. This Skittle Rainbow is beyond the best candy experiment I have seen. I could watch this for hours!

Chromatography is a fun way to incorporate science and art together. These Rainbow Filters are fun to create but then also fun to create with!

Did you know that dish soap can do magical things? This Magic Rainbow Milk is purely magical. The colors move seemingly on their own, but are they moving on their own?

When science and sensory connect, it is always a great activity. This Scented Rainbow Science is perfect for sensory seekers! Plus, adding the scent is probably the easiest part!

This Exploding Rainbow is exciting to create and even more exciting to watch. Kids will enjoy these hands-on mini ‘explosion’. Even if we know it is only a simple reaction, kids will love to pretend their rainbows are exploding!

There is something incredibly fun about swirling your hand around in a big bowl of soap foam! This Rainbow Foam Bubbles activity is not only a fun sensory activity but also helps teach about color mixing as well.

Rainbows are pretty but Giant Crystal Rainbows are even more beautiful. Kids will enjoy watching the crystals grow on their rainbow! It may take a day but the magic of the crystallizing process will not be lost!

This Fizzy Rainbow Slush takes baking soda and vinegar to a whole new level. Plus if it is hot outside, you can place this slush in the fridge for a while and the kids can play in cold slush!

This Rainbow Sugar Water Density shows that adding sugar to colored water can help the colors separate instead of mixing together, which is excellent for younger children. This is also a fantastic way to introduce or teach about density for older children!

Pumpkin Seeds are not only for fall. These Pumpkin Seed Discovery Bottles are rainbow all the way and is a go-to activity for any time of the year!

Do your kids love playing with ice? And melting ice with hot water? This Rainbow Ice Tower is filled with colorful items frozen into a tower and the excitement is getting them out! I can see kids being occupied for quite a while with this one!

Science these days is not complete without slime and this Rainbow Slime is a MUST. It is absolutely beautiful how the colors connect but don’t mold together. This recipe is anything but icky!

Just like with the skittles experiment above, this M&M Rainbows is mesmerizing! It is incredible how candy can taste AND look so beautiful!

I love how this Erupting Rainbow comes out of little test tubes. Kids will feel like real scientists even though this experiment is incredibly simple!

This twisted rainbow is sparkly in all the right ways. Kids will enjoy creating this Salt Crystal Rainbow and displaying it all Spring long!

Sometimes science is simple and other times it is purely magical. The art that this Rainbow Paper experiment can make is fantastic! This would be beautiful to put on the front of cards or notes!

This Walking Rainbow experiment has me screaming HOW in my head. I want to explore this experiment because it just looks unreal. Science is so fascinating and this is one of those worldly mysteries that would be fun to solve!

This Ice & Salt Rainbow actually creates craters. As pretty as it is, it can do crazy things when combined together. This would be a fun science activity to add to a small world play with dinosaurs or superheroes!

This Rainbow Colored Ants activity is purely fascinating. This would be a fun lesson to teach for either a bug unit or even Spring. Super interesting!

Rainbows are beautiful in the sky and can create magic in the real world. These Rainbow Science activities are a close second to being magical in the real world. Whether you are teaching a spring unit, teaching about the weather or just wanting some fun colorful activities – these science activities are sure to please!

Rainbow Pumpkin Seed Craft - Recipes

Berkley Camo
1 cup plastic
4 drops of moss green
3 drops of watermelon
2 drops oxblood
now the key I found to give it the brownish effect was the brown Fleck and the gold fleck added into it. I only had .035 and it should be fine fleck

Berzerk Berry
8 oz Plastic
6 drops White Pearlescent
5 drops Black Grape
4 drops Purple
2 Drops Red
Add the pearl before heating. Mix Colors in thoroughly.
I like green and blue flake in this one. The color looks crazy in the water, it works well when the sun is up.

Basic Green Pumpkin
4 ounces of plastic
6 drops watermelon
6 drops pumpkinseed
desired amount of medium black flake

Plastic : 1-2 ounces of plastic
Mix : black color-add 1 drop of color to plastic until you get a light to medium shade of smoke.
.035 black glitter
.035 gold glitter
.035 blue glitter
put the same amount of black and blue glitter in the plastic.
put only a very light amount of gold glitter in the plastic.

6 oz plastic
5 drops red
10 white,
Turn this into cotton candy by adding red and blue glitter

1) Blue/Pearl Laminate.
More commonly used colors are:
(2) Pumpkin and or Green Pumpkin.
(3) Solid Black.
(4) Blue.
(5) Black and Blue Combinations.

4 ounces Plastic
1 Drop Black (smoke)
Just a touch (or desired amount) of the following glitter: small blue, medium black and gold, large green. Use less large green than the other flakes.
Another version:
Same as above, but drop the blue flake and pour a light blue vein instead.

Plastic : 1/2 cup @ 4 oz.
5-6 drops Florescent Pink
2 drops white
Notes : The florescent pink must be added before you heat the plastic.

Plastic : 1 ounce
add purple color until you reach a medium to medium heavy shade.
add green glitter( enough to your able to see the green shade).

1 cup plastisol
20 drops yellow
2 drops black
fine green glitter 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon
large black glitter 1/4 teaspoon
fine black glitter 1/4 teaspoon

Cotton Candy
Plastic : 4 ozs.
1 drop pumpkin
1 drop red,
green, red, black, & blue glitter.

Culprit Red Shad
1) black color (with or without red flake) with some red Hi-lite powder mixed in. this is the dark back
2) strawberry, again with the red HL powder mixed in, usually some red flake. the red belly
***I frequently adjust the red belly color by adding some drops of black, blue or purple to darken it a bit. Sorry, but this is strictly a "to taste" recipe.

Frog Formula
4 oz Plastic
8 drops lc kudzu green
add 1/4 teaspoon of medium black flake. This is the top of the frog 4 oz Plastic
1/4 teaspoonful white pearl powder. This is the bottom layer of the frog.

Ghost Hologram
1/2 cup plastic
1/8 tsp Large black Flk.
1/8 tsp Small Silver Hologram Flk.

Golden Punkin' Seed
8 oz plastic
5 drops pumpkin seed
10 drops flo yellow
Add 1/4 tsp med. black flake
dont forget 1/8 tsp pearl white
Alt recipie instead of using flo yello use chartreuce, then substutie the pearl white with green hi lite's

Gourd Green
Root Beer or Amber Brown with medium and large green flake will both make nice Gourd Green colors. Pumpkin works too.

Gourd Green
get real close to Zoom's gourd green using LC pumpkin and medium green flake.
I don't remember an exact formula for it, but use it sparingly and you'll get there, I am thinking around 3-4 drops per 8 OZ. Try adding some small black flake too, really cool effect.

Green Weenies
Mine is amber brown on top and lime green on the bottom (black & red flake). Another popular one is straight brown over avocado. Makes a darker version
4 oz plastic
3 drops watermelon
2 drops Moss Green
black flake to taste
4 oz plastic
3 drops straight Brown
1 drop Jet Black transparent
2 drops pumpkinseed.
You can stick with 6 drops of brown if you have to but the formula above makes a far nicer chocolate

Ice Blue
1 cup plastic
2 drops blue
1/2 tsp pearl white powder
1/2 tsp Large Blue Flake
1/2 tsp Small Silver Holo Flake

June Bug
1 1/2 cups plastic
40 drops of black grape
55-60 drops of red

June Bug
Plastic : per ounce of plastic
add three drops of indigo (black grape).
when plastic is hot stir in green glitter until you get the desired effect.

Motor Oil Camo
4 oz Plastic
5 drops natural brown
20 drops motor oil
2 drops green

Motor Oil
4 oz Plastic
2 drops black
14 drops golden yellow

Motor Oil
4 oz Plastic
2 black
4 amber
5 yellow
10 flourescent yellow
Add your choice of flake. If you want it just a tad darker, try adding 2 drops of purple.

1/2 Cup Plastisol
10 drops Chartruse (must be mixed with plastisol before heating)
10 drops Motoroil
If you cut the colorant to 7-8 drops each, the color comes out more on the watermelon side. Add a little fine red flake to this produces a very nice color.

Motor oil pepper
1/2 cup plastic
2 drops yellow
1 drop pumpkinseed
1/4 tsp Large Black Flk.
1/16 tsp Small Gold Flk.

Motoroil Red Color
motor oil red is simply motor oil color with red glitter.

Motor Oil camo
4 oz. Plastic
5 drops natural brown
20 drops motor oil
2 drops green
brown/silver/red/and green glitter

Motor Oil
4 oz Plastic
2 drops black
14 drops golden yellow

Mustard Seed
Plastic : 4 ounces
6 drops Transparent Yellow
4 drops Amber Brown
3 drops White
black flake
green hi-lite (optional)

Natural Worm
4 oz. Plastic
4 drops pumpkinseed
1 drop natural brown
glitter your choice

Oxblood Lite
4 ounces of plastic
1 drop of purple
1 drop of red

Plastic : 4 ounces
6 drops Black Grape
5 drops Strawberry

Plum Crazy
1/2 cup plastic
2 drops rasberry
3/8 tsp Large Purple Flk.
1/8 tsp Small Gold Flk.

Purple Camo
4 oz. Plastic
14 drops purple
14 drops natural brown
green glitter

Pink Shades
3oz Plastic
5 drops red
3 drops Yellow
3 drops chartreuse

Hot Bubble Gum
8oz. plastic
12 drops bubble gum
8 drops florescent pink

Pearl Peach
8oz. plastic
8 drops bubble gum
4 drops yellow
8 drops minnow silver

1 cup plastic
6-10 drops red
1-3 drops white
1 cup plastic
4-6 drops of red
silver flake

Purple Camo
4 oz Plastic
14 drops purple
14 drops natural brown
green glitter

Rainbow Trout
In 4 ounces of plastic
Belly: 1/2 teaspoon of pearl white powder, 3 drops red color, large black flake
Back: 6 drops green color, pinch of blue hi-lite powder, large black and medium holograph (or silver) flake

1 cup plastic
20 drops red

Smoke With Flake
Plastic : per ounce add one drop of black per ounce of plastic for light clear smoke and two drops of black per ounce of plastic for a medium smoke color .
Add silver and black flake to imitate baitfish ,Red to imitate crawfish or another good crawfish imitator is made by adding red,green,black,and copper (or orange)flake to smoke colored baits. This is essentially the Yamamoto grub color #180

Tubeman's Magnetic Wammo Camo
1 cup plastic
9 drops rootbeer
13 drops amber
8 drops carmel
small red glitter 1/2 tsp (estimated)
small green glitter 1/2 tsp (estimated)

Transaprent Metallic Green Pumpkin
8 oz Plastic
6 drops Pumpkin
3 drops Watermelon
3 drops Amber
A SMALL quantity of metallic silver powder (about the size of a match head?)
I like this bait seasoned with either Large Back Flake or LC Holo String Glitter.

Watermelon (dark)
4 oz Plastic
12 drops motoroil
4 drops watermelon
glitter of your choice.

Watermelon Gold
1 cup plastic,
6 drops Avocado Green,
1/2 tsp Large Black Flake
3/4 tsp Small Gold Flake
1/4 tsp Small Silver Hologram Flake

Watermelonseed- NB
Plastic : 5 gallons
6.8 grams school bus yellow.
4 grams black.
1/4 cup small black glitter.
1/4 cup large black glitter.

Watermelon Candy
Plastic : 4 ounces
4 drops MF Watermelon Brown
Lots of small & medium purple flake
touch of medium red flake
touch of medium black flake
touch of medium blue flake
touch of large green flake

Watermelon Red
Plastic : 2oz
2 drops LC watermelon
1/8 tsp fine red glitter
a hair over 1/8 tsp med black glitter
1/2 tsp salt.

Yamamoto's Cinnamon
is just very light brown 1 drop of brown per every 4 ounces of plastic with medium black flake.

Yamamoto Watermelon with large green flake
1/2 cup Plastic
16 drops watermelon
1 drop black(just added this part to try and darken it up).

Heavy Salt Watermelon
4oz plastic
8 drops Watermelon
4 drops black/grape

Dark Watermelon
4 oz Plastic
12 drops motoroil
4 drops watermelon
glitter of your choice.

Zoom's Margarita
1/2 cup plastic
8 drops of florescent yellow
large chartreuse and black glitter
medium green and black glitter
*add flakes to desired amounts.

Zoom Green Pumpkin
In 4 ounces of plastic
6 drops of watermelon
6 drops pumpkinseed
medium black flake.
You can also add a couple drops of brown to Lure Craft's green pumpkin for a darker effect.

Zoom's Red Bug
4 ounces of Plastic:
Plum (6 drops black grape
5 drops strawberry)
medium and large green flake
small copper flake

9 Spring Craft Ideas For Kids!

They always say “April Showers bring May Flowers” but what exactly do you do with kids during these showers? Keep them busy with some cute spring craft ideas for kids! I’ve pulled 9 of my absolute favorite to share with you today from some of the web’s best DIY bloggers! If you’re like me, you want to have a few ideas in your back pocket to keep the little ones occupied. This list is the perfect one to reference and share with your mom-friends!

These sites below have dozens of other are darling ideas so I encourage you to click around and have fun! You might even make your own Pinterest board full of craft ideas for the little ones (here are my favorite fall craft ideas for kids). Just grab a large plastic container and store all the art supplies so you have everything on hand when you need an activity!

Need a unique Mediterranean pasta bowl recipes that use feta that you can bring .

Change up your morning treat with this lemon blueberry cronuts recipe. A cronut .

It's no longer a secret. I am teaching you How to Make Potstickers Dough in just .

Our jambalaya style stuffed peppers use riced cauliflower to make this a .

Our banana bread oatmeal is the perfect start to your cold winter day. Banana .

This Beef Sliders Recipe is a must if you are a fan of the classic French Onion .

Rainbow Chard & Feta Cheese Börek

There is a little cornershop close to where we live that sells beautiful seasonal vegetables, the
freshest bunches of mint and big spice bags with dried whole cumin seeds, fennel, za'atar and coriander. They also sell (very affordable) takeaway boxes with vegetarian food from the Middle East and Eastern Europe which they cook in the shop. They have meze platters, dolma, rice stuffed peppers, lentil balls and zucchini fritters. And to the left of the cashier they also have long cigar shaped hand-pies with a hand written sign above that says Börek. They make new batches a few times every day so if you are lucky you can get them hot off the oven. Crunchy on the outside with burnt edges and gooey, cheesy and stuffed with chard towards the centre. These Börek are famous across the neighborhood and even though the price has doubled in the past five years, it still feels like a bargain to pick up a few pies for us and the kids as a snack (or dinner if you buy a few). It is basically the only time our kids eat chard with a smile.

We have been experimenting with making Börek at home that taste similar to the cornershop version and now we finally feel that we've nailed it. We use Yufka dough which is similar to phyllo dough but a little thicker, so if you use phyllo, you can use double or tripple layers.

As a not-so-little bonus we also figured out an easy hack how to make gluten free Börek! The secret is that you can replace the dough with rice paper, that you brush with egg wash and bake in a similar fashion. The signature börek flavor is in the yogurt, oil and egg wash and the rice paper crisps up nicely when baked.

We recorded this video below with some juicy Börek rolling close-ups to further show the process. Check out our YouTube channel for more videos. Enjoy!

A Guide to Bird Seed and Other Foods&mdashPlus, Which Species Each Will Attract

Who doesn't love to be greeted with the beautiful sight of birds flitting in front of their garden-facing window? More than 100 North American species across the continent supplement their natural diets with birdseed, suet, fruit, and nectar obtained from feeders.

Different birds are attracted by different kinds of seed, and a variety of seeds will attract the greatest variety of birds. Black-oil sunflower seed appeals to the greatest number of birds. Others like sunflower seeds, cracked corn, or peanuts should be stocked in separate feeders. In blends, choose mixtures containing sunflower seeds, millet, and cracked corn&mdashthese are the three most popular types of bird seed. Mixtures of peanuts, nuts, and dried fruit are appealing to woodpeckers, nuthatches, and titmice. Relatively few species prefer milo, wheat, and oats, which are featured in less expensive blends. In any case, the type of bird feeder used should be compatible with both the seed and the birds you hope to attract.

Treat your backyard as a feeding source for both common birds and rare birds alike. When you make your yard more habitable for wild birds in your local area, you help to conserve the environment. Birds also contribute to natural pest control for your garden and to the pollination of flowers. That being said, squirrels and other animals are also prone to visiting, but they can be deterred with the right choice of food or a deterrent feeder.

Consult our guide to choosing seed&mdashit can provide a nutritional boost for them and a rewarding hobby for you.

Pumpkin Crafts

I love the month of October and November! Not only are they smack dab in the middle of fall with all the beautiful fall colors, fields filled with cheery orange pumpkins, cool weather, and lots of fun fall activities to do together as a family, but they always make a great spring board for cute pumpkin crafts too! Today, I wanted to make a pumpkin project that wasn’t too simple that my upper elementary age son would think was too babyish. This Rubber Band Art Project was a huge hit! He got to use tools, have fun creating something pretty, and I just love this decoration that reminds me of the fun we had making it together!

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Four Easy Ways

Well, I learned something new today. I&rsquove known for a long time that pumpkin seeds are a generally healthy snack (definitely better for you than chips). But I really had no idea how beneficial of a food they are! As described in this post on The World&rsquos Healthiest Foods pumpkin seeds are chock-full of antioxidants, health supporting phytosterols, and essential minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc and iron. And apparently they are a good source of protein. Who knew?

Although there&rsquos nothing quite like sticking your hand in a cold, slimy, wet pumpkin to pull out the seeds, you can also buy raw pumpkin seeds year-round in grocery and bulk food stores. And since studies suggest that eating the whole seed, shell and all provides the most beneficial nutrients, why not make them extra tasty and toasty! Here we have four ways to season your raw unshelled pumpkin seeds for a delicious and nutritious vegan, gluten free, paleo snack.

  1. Lightly Salted: Drizzle half a cup of raw pumpkins seeds with 1 tbsps of olive oil and then sprinkle with 2 tsps of Himalayan Pink Rock Salt or Sea Salt. Toss to coat.
  2. Olive Oil and Montreal Steak Spice: Drizzle half a cup of raw pumpkins seeds with 1 tbsp of olive oil and then sprinkle with 2 tsps of Montreal Steak Spice seasoning. Toss to coat.
  3. Ginger and Pepper: Drizzle half a cup of raw pumpkins seeds with 1 tsp of vegetable oil, then sprinkle with 1 tsp ground ginger and ½ tsp ground Rainbow Pepper. Toss to coat.
  4. Maple Syrup: Drizzle half a cup of raw pumpkins seeds with 1 tbsp of real Maple Syrup. Toss to coat.

To toast, spread each of the seed combinations in a single layer on separate cookie sheets. Lightly roast them in a 160-170°F (about 75°C) oven for 15-20 minutes. Apparently roasting them for any longer than 20 minutes can cause unwanted changes in the beneficial seed fats.

Once toasted, cool down and enjoy or store in airtight containers at room temperature. Or mix them all together for an interesting flavoured treat!

Watch the video: Pěstování dýní (July 2022).


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