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Assorted pickles in brine

Assorted pickles in brine

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We wash the fruits and vegetables well and clean them of stalks, seeds.

On the bottom of the jar (washed and drained well), place dill flowers, 1 piece of horseradish, 1 puppy of carrots, slices of carrot, vegetables, a slice of quince, plums, garlic, horseradish, celery leaves, dill flowers .

We make brine in 1 l of water, we add 1 tablespoon of salt, we put it on the fire to boil a few boils, we add sliced ​​hot peppers and we let it boil 1 more boil,

Allow to cool slightly and then pour hot into jars and seal the jars.

We cover them with a blanket and let them cool until 2 days when we will store them in the pantry