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Desert gogosi braziliene

Desert gogosi braziliene

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We prepare the dough for donuts with cocoa icing and coconut

We separate the yolks from the egg whites, and we put the egg whites in a saucepan and put them in the freezer, to use them later.

Sprinkle salt over the yolks, then the sugar and mix until smooth.

Add the lemon peel (Finesse Dr. Oetker), the essence, the water and again homogenize the composition.

Sift 350 g of flour together with the baking powder and start to incorporate them into the yolk composition.

I used the mixer so far, then I turned the dough over on the floured table and kneaded it until it became non-sticky.

When the dough is non-sticky and fluffy like bread, add the soft butter.

Cover the dough and let it rest for about an hour.

Prepare cocoa icing

Cocoa icing is easy to prepare cold.

Simply mix all the ingredients until the sugar melts.

Now, depending on the cocoa used, we can add a little more milk, if we think the icing is thick.

But this will be noticed when we start rolling the donuts through it.

Preparation Donuts with cocoa glaze and coconut

After the dough rests for an hour, we form some walnut-sized balls out of it.

We model them beautifully, kneading them between the palms, until they become round and uniform.

Heat the oil in a smaller diameter bowl, for example.

Let the oil bath be higher.

When the oil is well heated, over medium heat, towards the sea, we start to dip dough balls, as many as we can.

We need to let them grow, so we don't overcrowd.

When cooked, the donuts will rise to the surface of the oil and brown nicely.

We take them out with a foamer, on absorbent towels and add others.

We must be careful not to take them out unripe, we better check one to make sure we don't have raw dough inside.

We also take care of the fire. It should not be very intense, because the donuts will brown too quickly, but not too slowly, because they will soak in oil.

We then pass the donuts through the cocoa glaze and immediately roll them through the coconut.

We serve them with a good tea, a yogurt, or even with a coffee.

We really liked these donuts with cocoa icing and coconut, or Brazilian donuts, I hope you enjoy them too!

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