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Otto Enoteca e Pizzeria

Otto Enoteca e Pizzeria

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Conveniently located just past Washington Square Park, and a few blocks from NYU, Mario Batali’s Otto Enoteca e Pizzeria is a great place to grab a meal close to home. Whether you are going on a date, hanging out with friends or taking your visiting family to Otto’s, you arere sure to find something that everyone will enjoy. Otto Enoteca Pizzeria offers salads, appetizers (meat, vegetable, fish or cheese), pizza, pasta and an extensive wine collection.

Photo by Becky Hughes

Photo by Becky Hughes

Beyond its revolving front door is a wine bar and elevated tables that help to set up the atmosphere for the large interior of the restaurant. A combination of location, service and great food keep Otto’s busy at all hours, so reservations are suggested for large parties. In addition to regular lunch and dinner service, Otto’s frequently hosts wine classes and other events (ask your server or check their website for dates and information).

Photo by Becky Hughes

As appetizers, the Brussels sprouts & Vincotto and Cauliflower alla Siciliana are filling and flavorful. The balsamic vinegar can be tasted through the Brussels sprouts and the cauliflower is unexpectedly soft. Both come highly recommended and are a great way to start a meal.

Photo by Becky Hughes

Fisuli Con Sausage & Escarole – pasta with escarole, sweet Italian sausage, garlic and olive oil – is cooked to perfection. The pasta is the perfect texture – not too soft and slightly chewy – and the pieces of sausage have a hint of spiciness that add to the unique taste of the dish.

When it comes to affordable Italian food that doesn’t require a trip on the subway, Otto Enoteca Pizzeria is a solid choice.

Photo by Becky Hughes

Location: 1 5th Ave (bet 8th and Washington Mews)
Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun: 11:30am to 12am

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