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Tort "M4 Sherman"


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Sugar paste must be done two days in advance:

We put a kettle with the 8 tablespoons of water, lemon salt and hydrated gelatin in the meantime, in a bain-marie. Remove from the heat before boiling, just melt the gelatin, and put the oil.

Meanwhile, sift the powdered sugar twice to avoid lumps and impurities. After it cools down and a little gelatin cools, add the starch and honey. Homogenize and start to add powdered sugar little by little, stirring constantly. When we can no longer mix, turn over on the table and start kneading until it reaches the consistency of a plasticine. Put it in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge.

When we want to use it, we take it out an hour before to reach room temperature and knead it so that we can shape it, spread it with the twister.


Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat the yolk with 6 tablespoons of sugar until it melts and has the consistency of a cream. Beat the egg whites (first without sugar) until they froth, add the other 6 tablespoons of sugar (at once) and continue beating as quickly as possible. Put the yolk over the egg whites, add all the flour in which I incorporated the cocoa, and mix gently with circular movements from top to bottom ... by hand it's best. The tray is being prepared ... I wanted the rectangular one because it is bigger ... I put baking paper on the tray.

I baked the second countertop (turret) in a round yena bowl. I divided the composition into two trays according to their size.


Put the gelatine to hydrate for 10 minutes, then put it in a bain-marie to melt, let it cool and harden a little.

Put the chocolate on low heat together with 100 ml of liquid whipped cream until it reaches the boiling point, stir continuously until the chocolate melts and let it cool.

Mix the rest of the whipped cream. When the chocolate has cooled, add gelatin, mix well and mix very well, then mix everything with white cream and mix.

We have cold countertops, we have cream, we have sugar paste, we do syrup and we get to work:

We cut the two countertops in half.

We bring the countertop to the shape of a tank .... I was inspired by the world of tanks, we syrup it, we put a layer of cream, we add the second countertop, we put a little cream and "glue" the turret, cream, turret cover and now , very important, we cover everything with butter cream because it is the binder between the tank and its green "armor" ... sugar paste.

We put starch on a food foil ..... bigger ..... we put the sugar paste and we spread it with the shit (twister) as much as we can .... not to be thin because it will break, but neither too thick, just the size of the cake, even a little bigger to dress well.

It is decorated according to desire and imagination.

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